My Story

I began playing piano at the age of five. My musical education started in
Z. Paliashvili music school in Tbilisi when I was six, with a wonderful teacher
L. Gogadze, where we had an intensive music studying curriculum. My first experience of playing with a symphony orchestra happened when I was 12. One of my most unforgettable memories during childhood is when I, together with other students from my school, was invited to play in the Moscow Conservatorium Hall.

As most graduates of my school,I entered the Tbilisi State Conservatorium, in the piano class of Prof. T. Amirejibi. In 1992 I graduated from the Conservatorium with a Diploma of Soloist.

In 1992 my family moved to Moscow. I took a break in my pianist career in order to dedicate more time to the raising of my son. However I did not break ties with music - I was employed by the Moscow State Conservatorium as concert halls manager.

In 1998 my family moved again, this time to Prague, Czech Republic. I started teaching music in the English International School of Prague. While working with young children, I was inspired to write a textbook for children of age 5-6. This textbook - “Начинаем Играть на Фортепяно”, which was written in Russian, (“Let’s Play Piano”) was first printed by a Czech publisher, KAP CZ, and then later by Olmapress in Moscow in 2001.

I’ve continued my teaching experience in Switzerland, where my family moved in 2001. I was recruited by Institut Montana Zugerberg – one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland. This is where I further developed my career, teaching piano and also music theory and history. As a result of my broadened teaching career, I created a music curriculum for grades 7 and 8. During my time at Institut Montana Zugerberg I was also responsible for organizing musical performances and concerts. On multiple occasions I have performed together with my pupils, and that triggered me to return to my career as a pianist.
In 2005, my daughter Eleonora was born.

In 2006,  I completed the course for Liedbegleitung (song accompaniment) under the supervision of Prof. D. Fueter and Prof. H. Adolfsen.

In the beginning of 2010, I successfully completed the "Master of Advanced Studies in Musikpraxis" at the Zürcher Hoschule der Künste under the supervision of Prof. F. Rieger.

In 2011 in my hometown of Tbilisi (Georgia ) I founded the piano Trio "Trio per Te" with two wonderful musicians - Lela Mchedlidze (violin) and George Djorjadze (cello). In 2012 "Trio per Te" entered into collaboration with the world famous ballerina Nino Ananiashvili and created the ballet "Tampopo".

Nowadays I focus on my concert-career mostly playing chamber music in Switzerland and abroad.